Amazon Customer Service Number

If you mention the website, Amazon, to just about anyone in the world, they will know what website you are talking about. Amazon has become the largest retailer in the world. You can purchase almost anything on Amazon. If you have something you want to sell, depending on the item, you can even sell it on Amazon. They have become the place many turn to for low prices that can be shipped to your home, in many cases, in two days or less.

Save Money With Amazon Prime

Many Amazon shoppers have become Amazon Prime Members. These members receive free two-day shipping on most items offered by Amazon. They also get movies and TV shows, that are part of the Prime program, streamed to their devices for free. Members can also stream Prime music for free, which includes many new and popular music and artists. If you need photo storage, Prime members can store their pictures for free on Amazon. This is a great way to backup all your pictures in the cloud, so if something happens to your photos, they are still safely available on your Amazon Prime photo storage. There is also a members lending library, so you can check out and read books on your Kindle devices.

Books, Groceries and More in One Place

Amazon is trying to become a one-stop shopping experience. In some places, they even offer fresh grocery delivery. They offer Subscribe and Save, to automate deliveries of items that you purchase often. You get a discount and it is delivered on a schedule that you set up. Prime Pantry is another service to get those staple pantry items that can easily be delivered and stock your pantry at a low price. Amazon Prime Now is another service to members in certain delivery areas. Certain items available on Amazon, including items like ice cream, will be delivered to you in two hours or less.

Save Items to Purchase Later on Your Amazon Wishlist

On Amazon, you can keep a wishlist of items that you are wanting to purchase. You can even save items from other websites on your list. You can pre-order items like video games or DVD’s and you have a guarantee that you will receive the lowest price from the time you place the order, to the time the item is released. Plus, if you have an order status number, you can search for orders via the Manage Orders tool found at the top of the page. Not only are they the largest retailer in the world, they have some of the best customer service that keeps customers happy and coming back for all of their purchases. They make sure you are happy with your purchases and work hard to make things right if anything goes wrong with your order.

Amazon Devices In Your Home

Amazon also offers their own electronic devices. Their Fire devices run the android operating system and work like any other tablet device, but are priced at prices that are affordable to everyone. They also offer a Fire device to stream online content, movies, and TV shows right to your television. The Amazon Echo is a speaker that works on voice control that can also be used for ordering items or controlling things like turning on and off lights.