Apple Customer Service Number

A giant in the tech world, Apple is famously known for its iconic iPhone series the latest being iPhone 7 and released in 2016. Other products attributed to Apple’s tech empire are Macintosh computers, iPads, iPods, Air pods, smart watches, TV’s, laptops, computer and apps like iTunes. Apple products are in demand due to their unique style that accentuates a classy trend while keeping things simple. The simplicity is what has got many hooked because once you are familiar with how to use an Apple product, let’s say iPhone you find it hard to switch and operate other smartphone brands.

Mose Valuable Company Award Goes to Apple

Currently, Apple stands as the world’s most valuable company estimated to be worth $605 billion. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are the computers and IT enthusiasts behind Apple’s conception. After withdrawing from college in 1975, the two Steves’ who shared a passion for computers managed to successfully design the first ever official Apple product which was an Apple computer now referred to as “Apple 1”. This machine was merely an assembled circuit board which Jobs made a $500 purchase order given to him by Paul Terrell who was the owner of a local computer store.

From Humble Beginnings Comes An Empire

The Apple 1 was very basic with a few features, TV for display and ROM with a bootstrap code. The second product was the Apple 2 which was a big move after its predecessor. It had an advanced TV interface, in held memory, color, and graphics. This new creation was the first of its kind and publicly presented at the first West Coast Computer Faire on April of 1977. Later Jobs introduced their technology to a Japanese genius who would become the first ever Apple dealer in Japan. During this time their simple logo which Jobs attributed to his childhood was already in use. The first logo resembled their current one only then it had rainbow colors.

Home Computer Indsutry Begins to Grow

Apple 2 became a booming business, and many people were warming up to the idea of computers and computer literacy. In 1977 the Apple 3 was created, and it was well designed to satisfy the then tech appetite. In the 1980’s Apple began to operate in a stable realm firmly, since then they have released many computers like Apple IPO, IBM PC, Xerox Pac and Lisa, then came the king of them all, the Macintosh.

Steve Jobs Leaves Apple

Steve continued to run the show until 1985 when he decided to leave the company to his then partner Sculley. Apple had already become a driving force in the corporate world, and many investors were eyeing it. Under the Sculley leadership, Apple’s first stock dividend was on 11th may 1987. The journey remained a stormy one with splits and partnerships along the way until Jobs made his comeback in 1997.

The Visionairy Returns to the Tech Giant

In 1997-2001 Steve Jobs stepped in as Apples interim CEO to restructure the company’s product line. He started his wager by teaming up with Microsoft and introducing the Apple store. The years that followed saw Apple introduce various products into the market and providing great customer service through their site found in iMac, iBook and Power Macs are good examples.

Apple Dominates an Industry

From 2005 to date Apple’s market has grown tremendously, and the company has met the positive response with successive product designs such as iPhone series, Apple watch and iPad Air. The Company is currently under the leadership of Tim Cook who took up the mantel in 2011.