British Gas Customer Service Number

When noticed, the comforts of home can be such a blessing. Imagine coming home from a harsh night out in the cold. After entering the house and removing your shoes and coat, you turn on the lights, raise the heat levels, and run the tap to boil some water. Aside from hanging up your coat, all of these require some type of utility to function. Your lights require electricity to operate properly. Your heat, depending on its source, requires either gas or electricity. Your water is linked through pipelines to an installation owned and operated by your provider. All of these elements are keys not only to your comfort, but to our societal lifestyle as we know it.

British Gas Large Distribution Network

Before companies such as British Gas, living could be difficult. Without large energy providers, it could be difficult to have sufficient energy for companies to power their businesses. Because of the distribution of energy from these companies, it allowed businesses to grow and thrive at an exponential rate. This growth of industries created new jobs and greatly boosted the economy. Not only does having large energy providers create new jobs through the industries they provide for, these companies employ large numbers of people for very different jobs.

Looking For A Job? British Gas Can Help

There are many fields when working for British Gas. The company requires people for jobs such as retail, and technical support. They also have commercial and marketing positions within the company. They also heavily employ people in the trade fields or manual labor. Engineers, electricians, mechanics, tool programmers, heavy machine operators and many more are employed by companies like British Gas for on-site productions. Tasks such as drilling or utility repair are a large part of the companies work force.

Over twelve Million Homes Served

British Gas is the prime example of a large energy company. Providing energy to over twelve million homes in the United Kingdom, British Gas is a subsidiary of Centrica and is considered one of the “Big Six” energy providers in the country. British Gas started in humble beginnings as The Gas Light and Coke Company. Founded in 1812, the company was the first public utility company in the world. The company was founded by Frederick Albert Winsor an inventor and salesman. The Gas Light and Coke Company then underwent the changing of hands and company names until 1973. In 1973, the United Kingdom passed the Gas Act which combined many energy companies. At this point The Gas Light and Coke Company’s current incarnations became the British Gas plc.

Helping the Community, the British Gas Way

Not only does British Gas provide homes for millions of families, they also provide insurance for landlords and buildings. They also offer home repair services for products such as boilers, electrical, plumbing and appliance repair. British Gas is an also avid sponsor. The company holds a sponsorship with the Southern Football League of England and the British swim team. Customer’s who wish to view their bills or manage payments just need to go online and log in to account, isn’t that convenient? Yes it is!

An Industry Leader

British Gas is one of the leading providers of energy in the United Kingdom and without the energy they provide, our lives as we know it would be very different.