BT Customer Service Number

There are many companies taking advantage of innovative new technologies. With most markets being affected by the rise of the internet in one way or another, many successful companies have shown a willingness to embrace these new rapid advancements. Through drastic changes and overhauls, many companies have been able to drastically cut on costs by removing unnecessary departments and employees, postage, and have saved millions of dollars in stationary costs. These companies have also been able to improve customer experience and customer service through the ease of communication that the internet allows. One such company is BT.

BT is Keeping Up With Technological Innovations

BT, also known as BT Group, is a communication service provider based in London. Operating in over 180 countries worldwide, BT provides everything from television to phone packages for its customers. As such, BT as a company has not only taken advantage of new rising technologies, it provides them as an internet service provider. With different packages, such as BT Broadband, a great package for households or apartments with two residents or less. They also offer BT Infinity which is a great package for families. BT Infinity can provide entire households with an internet connection strong to stream multiple videos in high definition. They also offer an unlimited broadband package where customers are able to have an unlimited usage of their broadband connection. With these options, customers can choose which package best suits their needs.

BT’s HDTV Options Are Vast

BT also provides high definition television for broadband customers. With three packages to choose from, customers can pick and choose which features suit them most. The Entertainment Starter package offers a YouView box, the ability to pause and rewind shows, but lacks the ability to record them for later viewing, and 100 channels. The Entertainment Plus package offers YouView+, the ability to pause and rewind, and records up to 300 hours’ worth of television, and 110 channels. The final package is named Total Entertainment. The Total Entertainment package consists of Ultra HD YouView+, the ability to pause and rewind, and a whopping 600 hours of recordable television. The total entertainment package offers 141 channels, with 21 channels in high definition. Each package offers optional extra features such as Netflix, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2, Sky Cinema, BT TV Kids, BT TV HD, and BT Music.

Not Just TV, BT’s Telecommunications is Designed for You

With all of these products, BT also offers mobile and landline phone services. BT Mobile offers popular cell phones brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, and Google. BT’s landline services are included in the Infinity internet package, but are charged separately with their Broadband Internet package.

BT Continues to Lead the Industry

With the rise in internet usage and reliance, companies such as BT will be the leaders in innovation and integration of new technologies.