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Incredible new offerings by elite UK broadband companies are now available to consumers because of mergers in the communications market. One of the most prominent mergers affecting the UK market has been initiated by EE, the nation’s largest and most innovative broadband communications company.

EE’s Merger with Massive BT Group

Recently, EE joined the BT Group. This massive company is the parent producer of BT Sport, BT Infinity, and is recognized as the most complex fixed communications provider in the UK. The combination of EE with the BT Group has created a massive and exhaustive communications resource for people in UK needing extremely sophisticated and fast modes of worldwide networking. The services this merger will enhance include applications for small businesses, corporate interests, and individual consumers.

Super Fast Brand for Demanding Users

EE is known in the UK as the “Super Fast Brand.” It not only provides a way for a wide range of consumers to gain access to the most powerful communications devices in the world, but manages applications for these devices. These applications include interfaces with company devices like Orange and T-Mobile units, and other fibre optic roll-out broadband 4G services.

EE Becomes the Largest Provider

The moniker EE stands for “Everything Everywhere.” This British mobile network operator was established in 2010 as a joint venture between Deutsche Telekom and Orange S.A. (France). It is the largest 4G service operator in Europe boasting more than 30 million customers. This means more than 90% of the British population is covered by EE services. The company is headquartered in Bristol, but maintains regional offices throughout the Isles.

2010’s Roll-Out Program

The initial success of Everything Everywhere (EE) was made through a nationwide roll-out incentive in 2010. The British network consumer population was offered a flexible and universal service plan schedule that included in-house hardware distribution, immediate technical support services, and extremely powerful broadband communications capabilities. EE made the effective strategic move to have a concrete service network in-place before offering roll-outs to a wide range of consumers. The company’s initial offerings were a magnificent success, and resulted in EE cornering the lion’s share of the UK broadband market. This only shows that while moving home might be worrisome, moving your broadband and EE TV shouldn’t be!

Changing Leadership for a Changing Economy

Between 2011 and 2013, EE experienced several shifts in leadership. CEO Tom Alexander stepped down, and was replaced by France Telecom executive Olaf Swantee. The company also made radical shifts in company staffing. This meant certain reorganization periods affecting the status of hundreds of employees. Some network infrastructure problems were also encountered in places like Northern Ireland. All of these problems however, were overcome with the incredible foresight and planning of EE’s administrative leadership and position as a world leader in broadbrand communications.

Greater Access to the Best 4G Technology

Nearly a decade of successful communications operations has led EE to become one of the most attractive and fluid communications companies in the world. The acquisition of EE by the BT Group is an ideal merger that will allow EE customers to acquire even greater access to the best 4G technology and usage available in the UK. This merger with undoubtedly enable the establishment of more retail and brick-and-mortal service locations, as well as, huge stock and vetted interest profits.