EON Customer Service Number

E.ON is a reputable home energy supplier that’s based in the United Kingdom. E.ON is among the most prominent gas and power firms in the entire nation, too. It has many diverse responsibilities on its plate. E.ON is a retail business that specializes in gas and power. It takes care of electricity generating requirements as well. It’s a division of the acclaimed E.ON group. This group is an enormous international gas and power business that has many diligent staff members on its side. It has roughly 9,400 workers in the United Kingdom alone. The main goal at E.ON is to provide all of its clients with reliable and efficient energy assistance day in and day out.

5 Million Customers Later E.ON is Still Innovating

E.ON caters to the gas and electricity requirements of a whopping five million individuals total. The objective at E.ON is to offer energy that’s clean. That’s why E.ON is perpetually trying to improve matters in this department. The company creates energy using sources that are renewable. Examples of these sources are both H20 and wind. E.ON is equipped with 5 offshore and 16 onshore wind farms. The company is associated with the planet’s biggest offshore wind farm as well. This wind farm is known as the London Array. E.ON even runs biomass plants at Blackburn Meadows and Lockerbie. The aim at E.ON is to produce a minimum of an additional 1,500 mW in the near future.

E.ON Customer Service Team is Ready to Help

E.ON is a reputable energy company that strives to give all of its customers access to service that’s attentive and friendly. Customer satisfaction, because of that, is always a top goal for the E.ON team. The company’s many staff members work hard to accommodate all of their customers’ specific needs and wishes. They work hard to give customers fast and efficient responses. They work hard to listen carefully to all of the things their customers have to say as well. E.ON is a prominent business that can aid customers with all sorts of matters that pertain to energy options, production, exploration, generation, renewables, climate and more. E.ON’s staff members understand matters that involve electricity. They understand matters that involve gasoline transportation, renewable energy development and wholesale energy and beyond.

The E.ON Leadership Team

Tony Cocker serves as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for E.ON. Other key leaders who work for this large company are B2B Director Bernd Wagner, Chief Financial Officer Anke Groth, HR (Human Resources) Director Dave Newborough, Corporate Affairs and Strategy Director Sara Vaughan and B2M Managing Director Jim Lightfoot.