Paypal Customer Service Number

The Internet has opened many doors for its users, and one of the most efficient and effective is Paypal. Paypal is the equivalent of a banking establishment online, which is easy to access and use, and It comes straight to you, wherever you happen to be with your tech devices. Paypal is available on your PC, tablet or cell 24 hours a day.

Protect Yourself Online At No Cost with Paypal

There is no charge to use Paypal, which allows anyone to use all the features that are offered. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have their paycheck from work deposited in Paypal instead of receiving a paper check. This makes payday easier for both you and the management.

Automatic Payments Are Easy

The business or paying party simply lists the employees in their account, and every week the payment is sent automatically on the designated day. Funds can be sent any day of the week, too.

Business or Personal, Paypal Has You Covered

There are two types of accounts, business and personal accounts, and both can be used to purchase goods and services, Many websites list the credit card logos, and the Paypal design is listed also.

Making Paypal Payments Are Easy

On sites such as these, simply click on the Paypal icon and proceed, but a credit card can also be requested from Paypal that is connected to the account. It will be a Visa or Mastercard, and this card can be used as any other credit card anywhere in the world as long as you have funds in your account.

Credit Card Services Offered to Those Who Qualify

Paypal Credit is an added feature, which is available by applying for it. Paypal will permit you a limit that is in proportion to your credit score, and this account can be used to purchase products online. Regular monthly payments are required to maintain PayPal Credit, but it might be a tremendous convenient for online shopping.

Manage Your Paypal Account Online

To manage your accounts, simply go to and enter your username and password. The balances for both the Paypal account and the Paypal Credit account are in bold, and then your purchases are listed underneath similar to your bank statement. Also listed is when the next payment is due. Another convenient feature is that the user is able to connect Paypal with their bank. Funds can be transferred, and you can set your bank as an overdraft if you want to do that.

Send Money to Friends and Family for Free

In the past year, Paypal has added a new service, sending money to family and friends using an email address. This is perfect for sending money to children and friends. The only requirement is that both parties must be a member of Paypal in order to use the transfer. It is free to register at Paypal and only takes a few minutes, so anyone can join. For fast response about your inquiries, go to

Free Selling Tools with Every Paypal Account

Paypal also offers Selling Tools to make your money management easier. They include Managing Invoices, Seller Preferences, Multiorder Shipping. Since more and more people are using the internet to purchase products and services, it only makes sense to use Paypal. Paypal is growing and adding features continually to make your online money management a breeze