Scottish Power Customer Service Number

Energy for homes is an extremely important commodity for the countries of the world that can afford it. Scottish Power for the U.K. provides gas and electricity to over one million households in Great Britain, and it is part of the global leader, The Iberdrola Group, which is leading the world with wind energy. Generating, transmitting and distributing wind energy as electricity is the focus of Scottish Power.

Scottish Power Invests In Renewable Energy

Scottish Power has an impressive history of creating renewable energy as part of the world’s goal to increase it, and there are several significant highlights on the timeline of Scottish Power as it moves towards their goal of completely using wind energy as renewable energy.

Growing with the Energy Needs of Consumers

In 2000, Shoreham Power Station opened, and four years later, Damhead Creek Power Station was added increase the power of Shoreham tremendously. Then in 2008, Scottish Power made an incredible change in the type of power it was generating, and the Whitely Wind Farm began producing wind energy and was added to the industry.

The Wind Energy Expansion

Keeping in line with this development of wind energy, in 2014, Scottish Power opened The West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm after closing the Cockenzie Power Plant in 2013. In 2016, the Longannet Power Station closed and now Scottish Power is coal free. This is amazing progression for this electric company.

2017 and Beyond

Scottish Power now has a cleaner footprint of energy. As a leader in sustainable energy, these are tremendous steps for a public power plant in 2017. Scottish Power now generates 34 percent renewable energy and this means saving one-third of the environment. Customers prefer this and are on board with this type of energy saving.

Fixed Tariffs Have Proven Popular

Scottish Power Company is preferred by 90 percent of their customers who also enjoy fixed tariffs. There has not been a price increase for standard gas and electricity since 2003, but in April 2017, the prices will increase slightly.

Dual Fuel, Gas and Electric Costs

The standard dual fuel prices will increase by approximately 8 percent; gas prices will increase by almost 5 percent and the price of electricity will increase by almost 11 percent. This change in cost for the annual bill will be given at the end of February to all customers.

Tools to Help Manage Your Scottish Power Account

There are several tools that customers can use to reduce energy consumption in their homes. Ninety percent of your bill comes from the boiler setting; you can adjust this today and save, update windows to be more efficient, choose energy-efficient lighting, monitor your smart meter to determine times of high usage and, most significantly, adjust the room temperature to 68-72 degrees. Using these tools will allow you to manage your home or business energy bill more efficiently.

Leading the Way in Environmental Care

Scottish Power is continually working to be more environmentally friendly as well as to maintain the best service for their consumers by providing good customer services. This is an ongoing process, and they are an excellent example for power companies around the world.